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Nu Energy Spa offers a select variety of holistic healing services & treatments in our unique mobile setting to create a spa experience that feels far away but can be as close as your home. We want to give everyone the opportunity to nurture your womb, body, and soul without the hassle of traveling. Our main goal is to attend to your wellness needs in a personal and attentive way while providing a relaxing sisterhood experience.

Your restoration is in good hands with Nu Energy Spa LLC.


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Yoni Steaming Experience

Organic Yoni Steaming is a holistic treatment that has been around for centuries. This experience is A soothing hydro womb therapy that uses a warm steaming mist to relax, restore and rejuvenate your vagina. Yoni steaming has been shown to provide relief in common feminine hygiene problems including abnormal discharge, itching or irritation, painful cramping and heavy or irregular menstruation cycles.
The steaming process is achieved by boiling water under our organic herbal blend. A few of the main ingredient in our herbal blend include mugwort, roses, lavender, calendula & chamomile. 
This refreshing experience is given from 15 to 30 minute sessions and has many natural healing benefits. We rejuvenate your womb while increasing elasticity, enhancing sensitivity and restoring natural vaginal secretions. Yoni steaming is an exclusive therapy of Nu Energy Spa available for you to add on book in one of our Sparty packages.


Ionic Detoxification Experience

We live in a polluted and stressful world today where we are exposed to so many toxins, chemicals, pesticides and viruses. These toxic chemicals and pollutants are in all our everyday lifestyles, occupations, air and food. Daily use of public transportation, grocery shopping or public bathrooms put us at higher risk for these pollutants to enter our bodies. 

The primary benefit of an ionic detox foot bath is that it enhances your bodies natural detoxification abilities. This therapy assists the body in removing heavy metals and other toxic elements from the body more efficiently. This promotes the body's natural detoxification process resulting in A stronger immune system.

The ionized foot detoxing process is used to pull out these toxins from your body through your feet. This is a safe and relaxing treatment where the ionizing machine works to ionize the foot soak by giving the hydrogen in the water a positive charge. The ions then hold a charge that enables them to bind to any heavy metals or toxins in your body and releases them through your feet and are visible in the water. 

Some manufacturers have claimed that detox through foot therapy can treat high blood pressure, headaches, cellulite, depression, diabetes, insomnia and aid in weight loss.

For best results start with detoxification foot baths every 72 hours. After about 5-10 sessions, reduce to once a week then for maintenance do it once a month.

After each treatment the water will vary in color for each person depending on your diet and personal lifestyle. 


Nu Energy Reviews

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I Love Nu Energy Spa! The services are done professionally, very relaxing and are very welcoming to anyone who is a first time steamer and require extra knowledge about the treatment.

Tori Hargrave

I got my first facial cupping massage here and I love the results. I will definitely be back for more regular experiences.

Diana Williams

I booked an express steam and had to extend to a deluxe! The herbs smell awesome and the misting steam it feels amazing! I immediately noticed a change after intimacy.

Casey Johnson


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